Friday, January 8, 2016

Kejriwal, the most hated politician on internet............!!!

Ever since Anna Aandolan Arvind Kejriwal has been in the news headlines.
He won the election, he left the government, he again won the Delhi elections. He has been allover there on media.Kejriwal never missed any chance to get highlighted. Media keeps a hawk eye on his moves, tweets, or even sneeze. Social media played the biggest role in making him win the Delhi elections. According to a survey conducted by GoonjIndia based upon Google search, mentions on facebbok pages , mentions on twitter, mentions on popular news websites, and youtube search. In the survey Arvind Kejriwal is rated the most hated Indian on the internet with 1.99 GPM (1 GPM = Estimated Reach of 100k on Digital Media). Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who often becomes butt of jokes on social media, was featured in the list of most hated Indians on second spot with 0.73 GPM.

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